Thursday, 26 September 2013

Session 4- Measurement & Geometry

Jia Yo! Few more session to go. Little by little we discover the different in teaching strategies and pathagogy of the past education system to now. How much teachers now were bwing emphasize on delivering instruction in a proper way in such that lessen the confusion and increase in understanding.

Unlike the past three session, the opening problem of this session had already confused me. I went, "What are referring to actually!" although at that moment i felt like just giving up, but my body began to twitch. the feeling of uneasy when i do not get to know the reason behind the "so-called" trick. slowly while he was explaining, me and my friend began to to experiement to see the relationship between the number. and with much persistence and peer helping I GOT IT! Pretty slow but nevertheless mission accomplish!

There was a reinforcement on session 2; Fraction. Dr Yeap also emphasize that not all the skills had to be covered within a stipulated time but for the whole lifetime. this is known as spiral approach. This means that the topic Fraction will have many concept embeded  but it will only be introduced yearly. This is to say that for example, this year the children were introduced with the concept fraction and the different noun. The following year this topic will be reinforce but with added skills such as adding fraction etc.

We end the night with geometry. It was fun drawing irregular shape and inventing ways of finding the biggest number of square. We even found out other than calculating the number of square needed to make up the polygon we could calculate the number of dots and divided it into 2. and this method is proven! Mr Georg A. Pick comes with the equation: A= p/2 +i -1.

Hope to learn new things today too!!
Nur Liyana Sim

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