Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Session 2- Whole numbers

Seriously, i couldn't believe how complicated and how deep the concept whole numbers!!!! We were taught to see it as mere numbers. Little did we even consider or think them as something meaningful that affect the whole problem. What's more surprising is the alien terminology that i would consider it as chima-logy (to describe words that is hard to understand)!

List of new words learnt: - Functional curriculum 
                                         curriculum meant for special needs children. they need to be equipped with skills 
                                         That is adequate for their daily lives.
                                         rote counting
                                         Rational counting
                                         Cardinal numbers
                                         Ordinal numbers (numbers that indicates position in term of space and time)
                                         Nominal numbers (meant for social convention)
                                         Measurement numbers (indicated with the unit)
                                         Subitize(ability to name the numeral just by looking)

And of course hands-on activity is the best!! we did the counting down beans!!

Qn: How many beans do you need to create the heart?

Nur Liyana Sim

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