Thursday, 26 September 2013

Session 3- Teaching of Fraction

Session 3, Quiz time!!! and it's over. Phew! We had a reflection or so call analytical session after we had completed our quiz. this session proves to me how words can complicate and imfluence our thinking. most of us get confused by the word 'enrichment'. We do know that enrichment classes are  additional support meant for children learning. As such, i assume it as creating lesson that will enhance their skill which is merely by practicing. But, the lecturer meant it by developing lesson that challenge the child further but still under the same concept and focus.

Fraction has never been good to me. doing the fraction problem yesterday reminded me much of my primary school learning. i got confused each time the phrase, "of the remainder". this could be because of the inexplicit instruction given by the teacher. but no matter what i had past that phase of life.

This is one toy that i find that it could be useful for the younger children when they are learning about fraction. Through visual medium, they will be able to see the clearer picture of the different fraction terminology.

Picture from:  Santoys SP006 Fraction Board

New words learnt: 1 whole (1)
                               1 half (1/2)
                               1 third (1/3)
                               1 quarter (1/4)

We even have a discussion about abacus. The lecturer gave us an opinion that abacus is a good concrete tool that could aid children in counting. however, it may not be suitable for the younger children. This because abacus beads are not or proportionate value. which means that all the beads look alike. The value were not being clearly distinguish. This could caused confusion among the young children. Reflecting back on experience, the different enrichment programme that were provided in centre or even outside allow children as young as 4+ to join for abacus class. As much as i believe that through constant exposure, children will be able to grasp the skill faster. However, is it still consider inappropriate for children as young as 4 to join for abacus enrichment classes?

Nur Liyana Sim

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