Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Session 1- 23 September

Session 1 is OVER!!!! i felt like i have overwork my brain cell... it has been such a long time since i think so much just to do a simple math problem. Little did i realize that even using the simplest concept - counting needs much analytic thinking.

Doing the problem set by Dr Yeap Ban Har, remind me of the time i am attending primary school. Unlike the math problem in secondary school curriculum, focus mainly on equation, primary problem sum needs you to think deeper and often i am lost with the explanation given by the teacher. 

Nevertheless, i had much fun especially when doing the tangram problem. one thing i like about this activity is  because i do not have to think so much. instead i get to explore and get my answer through trial and error. through this session i have really understand i learned the importance of peer learning (listening to others' solution), persistence (keep on trying) and most importantly understanding the problem.

In all, i feel that providing the opportunity and ample time of exploration allow children (adult) to understand the problem deeper and be a more analytic thinking person. :) 

Nur Liyana

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