Saturday, 21 September 2013

Unlike language, Mathematics skills are more concrete. As such, teacher has to ensure that they are well-verse on the mathematical skill that they are teaching so that they will be able to deliver explicit instruction. Even so, teachers should continually upgrade and be kept updated to improve themselves in teaching Mathematic learning process includes; problem solving, reasoning and proof, communications, connections and representation.

Children would find it difficult for the children to understand the purpose and the skills imparted. Teachers have to understand that children learn and accept new skill as different paces. It is important for the teacher to be persistent as well as patience when teaching the children. Teacher should often reinforce new knowledge and discipline themselves by using the terminology. Through such incidences, children will pick up the mathematical language.

Environment is the next medium which a child has close contact with. As such, the learning environment has to be conducive as well as engaging to promote children learning experiences. It is not easy for children to see the relation of the concept in their daily lives.  By continuing reinforcing of the concept and having print-rich environment, children will be able to see the relation the need of the concept in their daily lives as not as a subject only. It is also essential for teacher to set adequate opportunity for the children to explore.

With the advancement in technology, calculators had aid much in learning mathematics. Through exposure on more than one concept, there is also more than one way of finding the solution. As such, teachers as well as children have to be flexible and analyze other solution. Other than calculator, tools such as manipulative are often used to represent concept and problem. Using symbol representation allows children to translate the problem visually.

 As a whole, it is important for the children to develop understanding of the mathematical concept. This allow to see the relation better and thus children does not have to retain much information. As such, it enhances the child’s problem solving skill. 

Liyana (BSc09)
22 September 2013

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