Sunday, 6 October 2013

Session 5

Wo hoo!! after so long today then i remember to update this blog!! For session 5 we did more on Geometry. One of my favourite topic during school days. it's all about angle. I still remember in past how the teacher would make us memorize the reason of doing such steps to get the unknown angle, isosceles triangle,  equilateral triangle, right-angle triangle etc. There are so many reasons but none of it i even care to think about or questioned myself with. as such, it is all about the answer ;) But during this session, the Dr Yeap actually made us think and analyze the reasons. For the very first time, i began to ponder. and for the very first time also i got to know the reason as to why the total interior angle is 180 degree. 

1) if the triangle is a right angle, fold it (the end will meet the centre) as such the angle of the 2 end is 45 degree. this proves that the triangle is an isosceles triangle.

2)tear off the three end and join them together making a straight line. the angle of the straight line is 180 degree. Thus, this proves that the sum of the three angle of the triangle is 180 degree. *this applies to all the triangle.

Next we also did the the tangram!! so excited!! this activity emphasize on exploration on creating different sizes of square as well as comparing the area unit by using unit value :)

Overall, this session taught me that through concrete reasoning it allow the children to see and understand the connection to what they had known with the new knowledge.

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